Audio DSP Board

With Bluetooth Plugin



  • EDSP-1701-24-A is a DSP board base on Analog Device ADAU1701 and mainly suit for both consumer and professional DIY project.
  • Customized design for best match with TPA32xx series amplifier board
  • DC 12V Power supply input Compatible with TPA32xx series(Revision 2) board output
  • With CSRA64xxx Aptx Bluetooth module plugin option for popular wireless audio system design.

Key Features

  • On board OP-Amp with Maximum 3Vrms(<0.1%THD+N) differential  output 
  • Analog Input/Output : 2ch single-end In(2Vrms),4ch differential Out(3Vrms)
  • Digital Input/Output : 2ch I2S IN, 4ch I2S Out
  • On board 3x Potentiometer for Bass/Treble/Mater Volume Control
  • Auto source switch between Analog In(3.5mm) and I2S In(Bluetooth)
  • Very Compact size(100mm*55mm*15mm – L*W*H)

Board Setup

  • Below show the detail setup of this DSP Board,including All Input/Output and also Power supply,Audio Control,USBi,GPIO,etc.
  • DAC Out Ch1~Ch4  are Differential output for TPA32xx series amplifier board.
  • 3.5mm input(Single-end,2Vrms Max) from your Player or other devices.
  • Pwr LED and Indicator LED are status indicator for board operation.
  • USBi connector allow you real time program the DSP/EEPROM with customized audio flow design by SigmaStudio.


Appendix Picture

  • Board with Bluetooth Card Option


  • Board with Bluetooth Card Stack


  • THD+N vs Output (Analog In)


  • THD+N vs  Output (I2S In)