TPA3250 2ch

PurePath™ Ultra-HD

Class D Audio Amplifier


This Product not available anymore please consider TPA3255


  • EAUMT-0050-2-A is a 2 channel class D amplifier module base on TPA3250EVM with customized design and mainly suit for both consumer and professional DIY project.
  • To obtain lower noise and lower THD+N, We successful achieved by improved design on low noise analog front end, PCB layout and also components selection.
  • This module had been tested and verified, please refer to Test Report for detail.

Key Features

  • Enhanced design with very low output noise (85uV/A-weighted) and lower THD+N (0.0025%/10W/8ohm)
  • Fully differential layout design for better noise cancellation
  • Smaller and Compact size(85mm*60mm*13mm – L*W*H)
  • Additional power ON/OFF reset circuit for Pop noise suppression
  • BTL configuration only for best audio performance
  • Single supply voltage range 18V~32 V(UVP:18V)

Board Setup

  • Below show the detail setup of this Amplifier Board,including 2 Power supply connectors that easier and one more option for user in their DIY assembly.
  • OUT-A ~ OUT-D are the audio output of amplifier for you speaker connection.
  • INA ~ IND are the audio input(Single-end or Differential) from your Pre-Amplifier or other devices.
  • 3V3 LED and warming LED are status indicator for board operation.


Appendix Picture

  • Full assembly board


  • Output noise level (A-weighted)


  • THD+N vs frequency (20W/4ohm)


  • THD+N vs output power