Audio DSP Board

With Bluetooth Plugin


EDSP-1701-24-A is a 2 channel in 4 channel out DSP pre-amplifier module base on ADAU1701 Sigma DSP with customized design and mainly suit for both consumer and professional project.
The ADAU1701 is a complete single-chip audio system with a 28-/56-bit audio DSP, ADCs, DACs, and microcontroller-like control interfaces. Signal processing includes equalization, crossover, bass enhancement, multiband dynamics processing, delay compensation, speaker compensation, and stereo image widening. This processing can be used to compensate for real-world limitations of speakers, amplifiers, and listening environments, providing dramatic improvements in perceived audio quality.
With improved and customized design to obtain highest performance and lowest cost, this module provide an excellent audio solution that highly compact and efficiency into the audio product design.

Key Features

  • < 25uV Output Noise (AES17,A-weighted)
  • >3Vrms @ 1% THD+N (Balance Output)
  • 102dBA dynamic range
  • Support both Analog input and digital I2S input/output
  • Very Compact size(100mm*55mm*20mm – L*W*H)
  • Balance output for best matching TPA32xx series amplifier module
  • Selectable Power supply input (TPA32xx module AUX VCC or Micro USB)
  • Bluetooth plug-in option for wireless audio streaming
  • On board USBi connector for online design with sigma-studio
  • On board Potentiometer for basic audio tuning(Bass,Treble,Volume,etc)


  • Multimedia speaker systems
  • MP3 player speaker docks
  • Automotive head units
  • Minicomponent stereos
  • Digital televisions
  • Studio monitors
  • Speaker crossovers
  • Musical instrument effects processors
  • In-seat sound systems (aircraft/motor coaches)