Quasi-Resonant Power Supply



  • EAPST-0200-2-A is a Quasi-Resonant Flyback Switch Mode Power Supply module with high efficiency, low noise specifically design for 100W – 300W class D audio amplifier system.
  • By using State-of-the-art Quasi Resonance current mode flyback controller and CoolMOS FET analog with innovative protection features for superior safety and reliability in operation, the result is getting a cost effective design.

Key Features

  • Infineon QR+CoolMOS solution: ICE2QS03G+SPA11N80C3
  • Cycle by cylce peak current limitation
  • Higher efficiency,Low noise and Low standby power
  • Compact size(105mm*100mm*35mm – L*W*H)
  • Additional AUX VCC(12V/0.5A,typically) for extended design

Board Setup

  • Below show the detail setup of this SMPS Board,including high voltage side(Primary/Left side) and Low voltage side(Secondary/Right side).
  • AC IN is the AC high voltage input(100V~220V) from AC line socket.
  • PVDD is the main output for power amplifier board.
  • AUX VCC is the auxiliary output for other application like pre-amplifier,DSP,etc.

Appendix Picture

  • Full assembly board


  • Top side


  • Safety Precautions,please understand the requirement before starting assembly